Two Spreadsheets to help with your crafting needs

Guild Crafting Skills for ESO is a spreadsheet in Google Docs where each person in your guild can list what crafting abilities they have in cloth, blacksmithing, and woodworking, along with which racial motifs they’ve learned; then if someone is looking for an item with a particular skill or style, they’ll know which people can create it for them.

To use: make a copy of the form and save it, add your name to the first empty column, and then mark which skills you have. There are separate tabs for each type of armor, blacksmithing, and woodworking (for the two armor classes) and motifs.

Guild Crafting Spreadsheet
Guild Crafting Skills for ESO

Crafting Skills for the Elder Scrolls Online is for an individual player to keep track of the skills for all their characters. There are two tabs, the first lists all the clothing, woodworking, and blacksmithing skills and the second lets you keep track of which motifs each of your characters can make.

Use it the same way as the one above, save a copy of the form and then fill in the information.

Spreadsheet for individual crafting skills
Individual Crafting Skills

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